Pelosi: Trump Crushing Obamacare, Not Virus


President Donald Trump is crushing the Affordable Care Act at a time when the nation should be crushing the coronavirus pandemic so the economy and schools can be opened safely, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday. 

“[Part of] the Affordable Care Act is the removal of the caps on lifetime or annual limits,” said the California Democrat on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “If you keep the cap on that, then people are protected from extravagant costs. On the other hand, if you it let that cap go, you’re at the mercy of the insurance companies, and I think that’s what the president has in mind.”

However, she added, “I don’t know what he has in mind,” but Trump is crushing the ACA “in his misrepresentation, in the court of public opinion, in the Supreme Court of the United States.”

That’s not just a danger to Americans’ health, but their financial security, said Pelosi, as healthcare costs have a “direct relationship” to economic well-being. 

Pelosi also discussed the ongoing standstill on the coronavirus relief bill and said she has a “beautifully diverse caucus” who wants her to put the full $3.4 trillion HEROES Act back on the floor, as it is “very well-developed.”

However, she said, Democrats did come down $1 trillion on their bill and asked Republicans to increase theirs by $1 trillion, but they wouldn’t do it. 

But the needs of the American people can only fail to be met for so long, Pelosi said. 

“We cannot have a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ of feeding some children and not others, housing some people,” said Pelosi. “They have a vengeance against the state and local [governments] … We don’t need anybody to tell us the concerns that our constituents have. Their concerns go beyond one check with the president’s name on it. “

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