Trump: May Be 3, 4 Weeks From Coronavirus Vaccine


A coronavirus vaccine could be just three to four weeks away, President Donald Trump said Tuesday during a town hall broadcast on ABC.

Touting the speedy approval process his administration has implemented in an effort to get a vaccine on the market quickly, the president mentioned that “it could be three weeks, four weeks.”

Both Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer are “very, very close,” Trump said.

Trump then pulled a new test from this pocket that he said came out “literally today.”

“But this is actually a new test, just came out from Abbott. Highly sophisticated. You’d think, it’s a piece of really little light cardboard. And this came out and this is a very accurate test and people will be able to have this and they’ll be able to test or go, ideally go through a doctor, but it’s very simple and very accurate.”

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