Rep. Doug Collins to Newsmax TV: Trump Deserves Nobel Prize


If President Donald Trump is not named a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, it will have lost its luster, Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., told Newsmax TV on Tuesday. 

“If you give the Nobel Peace Prize to President [Barack] Obama for doing absolutely nothing except get elected president, and you have this president who is actually put together one of the most historic deals that we’ve seen in the Middle East, there’s just no reason that he wouldn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize,” Collins told Tuesday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.” 

The president has kept his promises, Collins said, but there are still those who like to sit on the side and criticize, and they do that because they have no idea what it is like to be a leader. 

“He should get the Nobel Peace Prize for actually doing something instead of just getting elected president,” Collins told host Greg Kelly.

Meanwhile, Collins, who remains a member of the military after serving overseas, said he is happy to have a president who he knows has his back, and he believes the one country worried after the peace agreements that are being signed is Iran, which is still considered a “rogue state” among the Arab nations. 

“There are Arab nations agree with this president who has been strong,” Collins said.

Collins and Kelly also discussed the opinions of Democrats who might be starting to fear Trump will be reelected. 

“I think it is slipping away from them,” Collins said. “They have a candidate more concerned about finding a bathroom in the basement than going out and talking to people. My Democratic colleagues are looking at it and saying ‘oh my goodness, we’ve got Joe.'”

Biden, he added, is relying on the mainstream media for his victory, but at the end of it, “you’ve got tears in Brooklyn? There will be crying in the basement in Delaware.”

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