Chris Murphy: Russian Bounties Intel ‘Not a Hoax’


A Senate Democrat says he saw the intelligence about Russian bounties placed on American soldiers and claims “it’s not a hoax,” rebuking President Donald Trump.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., posted several tweets on the subject, which Trump says was not credible information and may have been “another fabricated Russian hoax.”

Murphy responded, “I just reviewed the intel. It’s not a hoax, Mr. President. And if you continue ignoring the facts, more soldiers and marines are going to die.”

Murphy is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He ripped Trump for only briefing Senate Republicans on the Russian bounties intelligence, instead of inviting lawmakers from both parties to the White House to hear the information themselves.

“This has been reported openly – with details – by several news outlets. The briefing should be for all members of Congress,” he wrote in one tweet. “And the briefing must be given by actual intel officers, not just Trump’s handpicked political appointees.”

Another post reads, “hey Republican colleagues, this is an easy one: if you get invited to the White House for a private, GOP-only briefing on classified, explosive information about the safety of our troops and also don’t tell the Democrats and oh btw please tweet about it when you leave, decline.”

Murphy also called Trump’s Twitter feed “Russian propaganda’s most important twitter account.”

Several news organizations have confirmed the validity of the intelligence that said Russia paid bounties to Taliban-linked insurgents in Afghanistan to kill American soldiers there. Over the weekend, it was reported that the U.S. has proof of the bounties leading to American deaths.

Trump said he was never briefed on the matter.

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