Latest Newsom Recall Attempt Kicks Off With San Diego Rally


The latest attempt to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom gathered a few hundred hopefuls in San Diego on Sunday, chanting police supportive slogans and carrying signs that advocated “Open California Now” and “My Rights Can’t Be Regulated.”

“Today, we are fighting a tyrannical and oppressive governor in Sacramento, but we’re going to win,” Ramona resident and event emcee Dan Summers said exhorting the crowd. “When somebody steps over the line and takes away our constitutional rights, it’s our right, responsibility and duty to recall that individual.”

The effort, launched June 10, is the third attempt in 18 months to remove Newsom, a Democrat elected in 2018. The first petition begun in Aug. 2 by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Erin Cruz received more than 350,000 signatures by the Feb. 13 deadline, but fell short of the nearly 1.5 million needed.

A second petition launched four days later by Republican U.S. House candidate James Veltmeyer was abandoned in January with no signatures submitted.

The most recent effort, headed by Yolo County Deputy Sheriff Orrin Heatlie, has until Nov. 17 to acquire the needed signatures.

Organizers of the latest push are attempting to rally supporters who have been opposed to Newsom’s restrictions imposed by executive order to restrict the spread of the novel coronavirus, saying he has overstepped his authority.

The U.S. Supreme Court on May 29 ruled in a 5-4 decision, which Chief Justice John Roberts authoring the opinion, Newsom had the authority to issue restrictions on religious worship during the outbreak.

Although the only governor to be recalled in California was Gray Davis in 2003, one of the leaders of the current effort said the task is not overwhelming.

“It’s not that hard to recall the governor of California if we get the word out,” Mike Netter said to the crowd, few of which wore masks, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Your mission today is to get the word out.”

He said, although Democrats comprise 42% of the California electorate, Republicans and independents combine to make up 49%.

“It’s definitely an uphill climb, that’s why need to vocalize and inform people about how this Newsom operates,” Mark Wooten of Encinitas said. “The virus was the tipping point, but mainly it’s the way he’s mismanaged the state and the way he circumvents the legislature.”

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