Katrina Pierson to Newsmax TV: ‘Horrified’ by Biden Crack About Black Voters


Katrina Pierson, senior adviser to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, said Friday she was “horrified by” Joe Biden’s comment to a black radio host that if African Americans are teetering between him and Trump, “you ain’t black.”

In an interview on Newsmax TV‘s “Greg Kelly Reports” show, Pierson said the remark at the end of an interview on the Breakfast Club wasn’t the kind of gaffe for which the former vice president has become infamous.

“This was a different tone, a different context,” she said. “I believe that’s why it sparked outrage not just among Republicans or Democrats but really the black community as a whole.

“I’m horrified by Joe Biden’s comments because for so long we talk about Democrats taking the black vote for granted and you’ve had this . . . Donald Trump candidacy who’s been actually getting things done for the community,” she continued.

Pierson said she was surprised that Biden, on a show with a major black audience, “is essentially offended by the questioner to ask him to come back and answer more questions … [and] he decides that if you’re not already voting for him then ‘you ain’t black.'”

She also applauded black Twitter users for calling Biden out and fueling the story’s rise to the top of the news cycle.

“What was interesting is when the story broke earlier — you know there there was a lot of Twitter traffic and Twitter was actually censoring some of the tweets … from The Breakfast Club,” she said.

“Then all of a sudden black Twitter got involved as we call it, and you see all of the offended black Twitter’s out there, which is what really drove this,” she said. “Hats off to the black people actually paying attention to what’s happening out there.”

Biden later Friday apologized for the remark, saying he shouldn’t have been so “cavalier” about support from African Americans.

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